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Toll Free Lodging 
Coming Soon!
Choose a dental package and make it real

Anyone who buys a dental package for a new Smile is legitable to stay toll free at our house located about 15 min from our office in Puerto Vallarta, Stay Tune!

Get a Luxury Vacation to make Smile, Smile, Smile! 
Free Accommodation 

 Clients who see International dental Center PV for extensive dental work will need to stay in beautiful Puerto Vallarta for a period of time of 2 weeks, depending of the Veneers, crowns, dental Implants or other you are having done 

Fortunatly International Dental Center PV will offer accomodation to stay for FREE soon, Contact us if you are interested in one of our pacakges or we can make a custom package for you

All these packages include:

  • Initial examination, diagnosis and treatment plan

  • Temporary restauration when need it

  • Laboratory fee

  • Digital xray (CT scan not included)

  • Ground transportation from airport to resort

  • 2 week homestay, extra day $39 per person

  • Taxes

Note: Dental Implants, All on 4 and All on 6 require a minimum of 2 trips to Mexico.

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     12  Crowns    Package


         16  Venners           Package

bridge picture image.jpg

Dental Bridges/Crown  Package

cosmetic dentistry image.jpg

         16 Crowns         Package

all on 4 image.jpg

     All on 4       Package

Implante image.jpg

Dental Implants/Crowns  Package

Veneers image.jpg

         12  Venners        Package

all on 4 image.jpg

       All on 6        Package

custoum package.jpg

    Custom       Package 

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